What If You Didnt Have A Blog

If it wasn’t for your blog or your business, would you still have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and/or Fan Page? Checkout our marketing, seo and social media blog here.

If yes, did you have one, all, or some of these accounts before your blog/business started? What were you using these networks for? Has your social network behavior changed since linking you blog/business to your account?

If no, why did you decide to join these social networks?
When I was first introduced to social media it was through myspace, then facebook became the new thing for college kids. I joined both, but only to be nosey and scroll through people’s pictures and to meet other college kids from other universities just like me. It wasn’t until graduate school when one of my classmates convinced me to join Twitter. When I did, it was the only thing that kept me awake during a lecture.

As I developed an interest in becoming a social media manager and starting my own blog I thought it would be smart to open @itsguruco and my Fan Page to get my name out there in efforts to gain a support system. While making these connections, in the background I was working on getting The SMP up to par. Once I felt I achieved that I connected it with my other social networks.

Word of advice:

If you are planning on selling something/anything all be it a book, starting a website, other products or services, whatever; develop a fan base first or at least while you are doing all the prepping behind the scenes. This way when it’s time to promote/sell your “something” you already have a people in place. With these people you won’t have to do much selling.

Many times, a true fan base will buy things out of pure support. Take CD’s for example. When is the last time you bought a CD? I can’t even tell you the last time I was in a record store. With iTunes, Napster, YouTube Converter, and other “sneaky” tricks of getting music it just doesn’t make sense to buy CDs anymore.

But! There are people out there who absolutely love, let’s just say Beyonce for the sake of the conversation and will continue to buy every single album she makes; regardless of the fact that her music is just a click away on their computer.

I asked the question, has your social network behavior changed since connecting your business/blog to your other social networks?

Mine has. I had a different private Twitter account that had like 30 of my closest friends and family following. There I didn’t have to worry about what was said or how I said it, I knew my friends/family knew where I was coming from. That account was like a nonstop stream of running jokes between us.

Now that I’m spending more of my time on @itsguruco my tweets have altered a little. I’m still me just a more filtered me lol if that makes any sense. I post from a more approachable standpoint, so I hope, and I make sure everyone following understands and feels invited.

Ever been in a room and someone made a statement and everyone knew what that person meant except you? Yea, that’s the worst! So I try to keep that form happening online. I don’t ever want you guys to read a post of mine and think “what is she talking about?”

I also asked; is you weren’t using social media before your blog/business why are you using it now? First let me say, I don’t know any bloggers who don’t have at least one of the many social networks out there. Did you feel obligated to create one of these accounts? I sort of did when I was planning The SMP. I thought it was proper blogging protocol. Do you feel that way?

In our blogging community I’ve seen people mention this on numerous occasions; “why put so much effort into social media marketing networks that you don’t own?” That is so true, why? What if Facebook & Twitter completely shut down tomorrow? Would you shut down too? Would you still be relevant? With that being said a new level of love and passion goes into my blog because this is mine. I own The SMP just like you own your amazing blogs too. No one can take that away from you.

So I ask again, if it wasn’t for your blog/business, would you still participate in the world’s many social networks?